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While most volleyball courts designed for competitive games are built indoors, homeowners and facility operators looking to create multipurpose courts will often incorporate volleyball lines and nets into their designs. Celebrity Court's staff will work with you to integrate volleyball game lines onto your current court design. For serious volleyball players, we can create a standalone volleyball court option.

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Key Features

  • Resilient Material - High impact Copolymer Polypropylene tiles
  • Protection For Athletes - Provides forgiveness for players’ lower backs, knees, and joints
  • Patented Surface Profile - Specially-engineered surface profile
  • Precision Locking System - Revolutionary interlocking mechanism
  • Design Versatility – Can be integrated into a multi-game court
  • Durable - Strong enough to support weight of vehicles (can be placed on driveway)

Adjustable Net Systems

Celebrity Courts offers adjustable net systems for Volleyball, Tennis and Badminton. With our innovative, adjustable net system, you can go from serving a volleyball to playing tennis in a matter of minutes.  These nets can be quickly raised or lowered and can be affixed to standalone poles, light posts or basketball goals posts.

93" Volleyball

62" Badminton

36" Tennis

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a VersaCourt Volleyball Court?

Like many construction projects, the costs to build a volleyball court with VersaCourt court tile will vary depending on a number of elements including its size, excavation requirements, type of base and quantity and quality of its accessories. Realistically, it is impossible to estimate a cost without evaluating these in more detail, but you can learn more about each element that affects the Cost of a Backyard Volleyball Game Court

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Do I need a concrete base for my volleyball court?

We definitely recommend using a 4” thick concrete base with #4 rebar reinforcement for most volleyball courts as this base option tends to provide the most permanent solution with the best playability. However, we do have customers that are very happy with courts placed on an asphalt base. We don’t recommend compacted stone as a base. Learn more about base/subsurface options. If you're looking to avoid concrete or asphalt installation because of permeability concerns, we not offer the Foundation Panel. This panel can be used as a sub-surface to the court and placed directly over turf or compacted stone to provide a stable base system.

VersaCourt outdoor shuffleboard courts

Can I put the VersaCourt volleyball court on my driveway?

Assuming you have a large enough driveway to accommodate the court, placing your VersaCourt on it is an option. Our Active Tile is extremely durable and can be driven on without being damaged.

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What Court Sizes Do You Offer?

US standard volleyball regulation court size is 29’5” W x 59’ L and the standard net system is 32’ long and 39 inches tall. If you’re looking for a smaller volleyball court option, you can custom design your own court to fit the size you have available for a volleyball court.

VersaCourt outdoor shuffleboard courts

How Do I Clean My VersaCourt Volleyball Court?

VersaCourt tile can be cleaned in a variety of ways. If it is an outdoor application, leaves, sticks, and trash can build up on the surface. A leaf blower can be used to remove most debris. If the tile surface is dusty or dirty then a power washer can be used – be sure to set it on a low-pressure setting and do not directly spray the painted lines. Over time dirt, leaves, rocks and other debris may accumulate under the tile. If this does occur to the point where the tile is full, undo the tiles in large sections and slide the tile out of the way to clean the subsurface.

VersaCourt outdoor shuffleboard courts

Will cold temperatures or snow affect the tile?

VersaCourt tile are engineered to withstand extremely cold temperatures and snow. In fact, our outdoor court tile has been brittle-tested to minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit and our courts have been successful in Canada, Alaska and other areas with extremely cold winters.

VersaCourt outdoor shuffleboard courts


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